Trevor Vella & Co

With the various regulatory changes that have taken place over recent years, business valuation has become a highly specialised field.

Experience in Valuation

As former Director of Valuation Services for Horwath Investment Services Pty Limited and Horwath (NSW) Pty Limited, Trevor Vella has over 20 years valuation experience. During this time, Trevor has undertaken valuations of companies and businesses operating in a large range of industries including: manufacturing; professional; motor; leisure; construction; agricultural; advertising; retail; R&D; telecommunications; and transport.


Trevor Vella & Co is able to provide independent valuation reports for a range of purposes, including: purchase and sale; income tax; stamp duty; financial reporting; restructuring; litigation; various other forms of dispute resolution; contractual matters; family law; partnership disputes; shareholder disputes; breach of intellectual property rights; breach of directors’ duties; and resumption.